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This free three-month fitness competition engages participants in exercise to gain points based on their activities. The Challenge begins March 1 and runs through May 31 every year. Businesses and organizations participate in the event as part of their wellness programs, while friends and family use the contest as a way to organize and focus activities to stay or get in shape, infuse new energy into their routines, remain connected and have fun! Powered by Wellable’s interactive health and wellness platform, it’s easy to track activity and measure standings.


The Blue and You Fitness Challenge began as the Arkansas Fitness Challenge in 2004. The Arkansas Department of Health and Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield saw a need to encourage healthy behaviors in their communities. The three-month program was a fun way to help companies encourage their employees to increase their physical activity. The first year was such a success that the contest continued, evolving over the years to include groups from all over the United States.